Gelanggang #01

Date: 11th September 2020
Venue: Lokacipta @ Old PJ
Time : 8pm - 12pm
Participants: Syed & Daniel (Saishogen), Gun (Menikmati), Iwaz
Attendee: Shakir (Filamen)
Host: Vinh (Lokacipta)

2x Digitakt and 2x Digitone synced via midi.
1x Digitakt (Gun's) as Master with clock out thru Midi Out to the rest of the devices, via Midi in and Midi Thru.
All devices are not receiving transpose signals, which allows for the sequence to be in sync but not slaved to stop and play by the Master (Gun's Digitakt) device. Gun's master controls the tempo throughout the session.

All audio is routed out as Stereo to 4x separate stereo inputs on the mixer.
Each stereo channel is then sent to a Send channel, routed out to a Reverb pedal's input as an external effect option. The output of the Reverb's device is rerouted into a mono channel on the mixer, which can then be controlled accordingly.

Syed prepared a watercolour effect composited with gradual ring burst made within Touchdesigner. Output to Xiaomi's HD Projector.
The parameter's of Syed's TD operators were assigned and mapped to his Novation Control XL's knobs and faders.

#senitibatiba #gelanggangperkembanganseni
#elektronicmusic #elektron #digitakt #digitone
#touchdesigner #controlxl #novation #audiovisual


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