Gelanggang #03

 Date: 8th October 2020

Venue: Lokacipta @ Old PJ
Time : 8pm - 12pm
Participants: Syed (Saishogen), Gan (Menikmati), Iwaz, Sopey (6ixDO), Seth (GDP)
Attendee: Shakir (Filamen), Nadzreen
Host: Lokacipta

Third night, mid week.

Visuals by Syed Muhammad.
Music by Gan, Iwaz, Sopey & Seth.

We started off with a jamming session with between Syed & Iwaz.
Sopey came in third and joined us for the first time, where he brought along his Novation Circuit.

Gan arrived as the fourth piece, with his Digitakt & Digitone.
Unfortunately, Iwaz forgot to bring his midi cables, so there were no Master-Slave sync.
We were jamming clock-free, but everyone were organically in sync in the same tempo.

Lokacipta's projector (used by Syed) settings were locked to an auto zoom ratio. Which locks the projection output to a scaled ratio. Shakir (Filamen) came and resolved the issue and we were able to fully project the output covering the full wall.

Seth, a long time friend came and joined us as the fifth participant that evening.
He also brought along a Novation Circuit.


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