Gelanggang #02

Date: 23rd September 2020

Venue: Lokacipta @ Old PJ
Time : 8pm - 12pm
Participants: Syed (Saishogen), Gan (Menikmati), Iwaz
Attendee: Sopey (6ixDO)
Host: Vinh, Diana (Lokacipta)

Second night, mid week.

Iwaz & Syed on visuals.
Output on 2 projectors. Iwaz's visuals generated from Resolume.
Visuals were first tested to project side by side. Eventually we decided to project them at a corner and it was a much more interesting outcome.

Gan on audio.
Gan took the lead in music this evening. 
Output of Digitakt and Digitone were sent to reverb fx. The main output then connected to the main speaker.  


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